Ocean Pines Homes and Condos for Sale

Located just eight miles from the coast, Ocean Pines is a premier resort community for people of all ages and interests! Located in 3,000 acres of beautiful woodlands and with nine miles of waterfront properties and plenty of amenities, Ocean Pines is one of Ocean City's most popular communities. With a population of 12,000, its own police and fire departments, and its own water system, it is practically a town in itself.

Close to Ocean Pines are good private and public schools, excellent hospitals, higher learning institutions, a regional airport, numerous shopping venues, a yacht club, and most importantly - Ocean City. Ocean Pines also has its own community center, trails, marinas, and parks, and it regularly hosts a variety of special events. You can enjoy kayaking and fishing, including charter boat fishing for big fish like white marlin. Even in the "off" season, there's plenty to do around Ocean Pines, including golfing at one of the 17 local nearby courses, visiting the area's many historical landmarks and museums, and visiting Winterfest of Lights in Ocean City. Ocean City's amusement parks, food stands, and numerous restaurants are also close by, and there are plenty of free concerts and other family events on Ocean City's beaches.

A few Ocean Pines lots are available for under $100,000; most homes range in price from $100,000 to $400,000. Typically, these homes are one story with two to three bedrooms and two to three bathrooms. The more expensive homes in Ocean Pines are priced just under $900,000 and feature more bedrooms and bathrooms. The size of the homes varies from around 1,000 sq. ft. to 3,400 sq. ft. All the homes are well-constructed and are in good shape.

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